Looking to have your oil changed in Stockton? Look no further than Kia Country. 
Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions and coupons for your service
How often should I get my oil changed?
It is recommended by the manufacturer to get your oil changed every 6 months or 7500 miles. 

Does my car require Synthetic Oil or Conventional Oil? 

The following Kia's require Synthetic oil:
Kia Niro SUV

The following Kia's require Conventional oil:
Kia Sltos SUV
Kia Forte Sedan
Kia Optima Sedan
Kia Rio Sedan
Kia Sedona Van 
Kia Sorento SUV
Kia Soul Hatchback
Kia Sportage SUV
Kia Stinger Sedan
Kia Telluride SUV
synthetic are Niro 020 all other cars are fine with Conventional. 

Do I have to have a Kia to get my oil changed at Kia Country? 
No, we are happy to do an oil change for anyone in the Manteca, Stockton, Tracy or Modesto.

While you are waiting for your oil change please enjoy our complimentary amenities listed below: Please note that some amenities are subject to change during the shelter in place
Customer work station
Snacks and bottled water
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